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I think she was kind of like a mercenary and in the first few chapters she sings light em up by fall out boy. I'm looking for a children's book, possibly from the s. A group of school students travel home for term break, but decide to use a variety of transport train, boat etc. One of the boys is kidnapped by gypsies. I would like to know the title of the book. Been looking for this book but all I have is what I remember of it. I believe the main characters are in college, the heroine is into music. I want to say the main guy has a tattoo of something to do with theatre.

Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a book I think it's for young adults and fiction about a teenage boy who meets this girl with red hair and bright green eyes.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

This girl has the ability to turn into a fox. I remember vaguely that this girl has a gang of other shapeshifting teenagers and they can all turn into different animals. I think at some point the main character The boy I mentioned finds out that he can turn into a black cat. I forgot the name of this book but I remember the cover.

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It's a picture of a girl with very fair skin and freckles I think with red hair and bright green eyes. Please please please let me know if you remember this book or its name or author. It's a book I read back when I was little, in the mids early 20s.


I remember it was a child's series that involved a pixie from another realm with rainbow wings that met a girl and her brother, and they all worked together to return various creatures back to where they belong. I remember there being a mermaid in a fish tank or a pet store and an aggressive gnome in someone's garden. Anyone who knows, please email me at aarin.

I am looking for a children's book which may have been written in French. All I remember is the cover which had a boy fishing in a boat. What was unique about this book is that it came with a round frame that had the same image as the cover I believe and it could be hung separately. I am going on very little here, but perhaps that special additional gift of frame triggers memories. Nathalie -I can be reached at nas71 aol.

Im looking for this childrens book seris I read when I was about years old. The main one I can remember was about these two characaters who go to an apple orcharchd that gives streanthaning abilities. The main character eats a rotten apple because he cant reach the ripe ones and becomes weak whild his friend eats a ripe one and becomes stronger.

The first one is about someone who ends up in this land that split between numbers and letters? The second one is about these two rings.

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Any thoughts? I'm looking for a suspense novel, probably quite recent which I think takes place in England. I read the first couple of chapters on Amazon and now would like to buy it for my kindle. We see a mother out walking in the street with her baby in a pram and her young son. They see a car accident where a silver car crashes into a shop front. She goes to help and there are some casualties. I think she was already under some pressure and this accident will have consequences for her.

Thanks for any help you can give. I'm trying to find a book that I read when I was way younger I"m now 45 eek!!!

Ihre Vorteile

So what I remember was the setting was in New York they had 4th or 5th grade students take a test and one of the girls scored high and she got a scholarship to one of the private schools in New York. Of course she has a difficult time transitioning going to the all girls school. Thats all a remember. I'm looking for a cassette tape from roughly the late 80's or early 90's that was likely under the category of "bedtime stories. I distinctly remember her describing a dark room where she finds a machine or robot covered in colorful lights and buttons.

I also remember that a storm was coming, and that she met a man on the roof who had some kind of contraption that determined the weather. Would love any help! The book I'm looking for begins something like this I'm trying a to find a book about this girl who traveled across the river to work as a housemaid for a rich family.

The family has two dogs and she was scare to death of them, but the son of the family who fell in love with her taught her to not be afraid of them. The son was married once but his wife died. It ended with the son marrying and living in the same house with the maid.

The copy I had was small and I think the cover was light purple and the title started with an "E". Husband and wife divorce after the loss of their only child. She moves on and remarries but he continues to call her and her new husband is sympathetic. Its about a girl who moved to San Francisco and she spends all her time in a computer store and then she is contacted by a ghost who died in the earthquake.

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There is a chapter called the Blue Beed. I'm looking for a book about a young woman dealing with addiction in Berkeley, she's living with a boyfriend, then she moves to southern california to help with her father dying from cancer and her mom seems not to care, there she meets another addict and they live on the beach together. The girl finds a life sized doll that belonged to her uncles daughter Catherine. I'm looking for a book about a crew of astronauts that come back to the zombie apocalypse.

One guy in there book has a sword and climbs up in a tree to sleep.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/dating-agency-a-estrada.php At one point the survivors seek refugee in a school. In one of the main confrontations it's in Alaska I think, they have a large base with a fence. The main bad guy kidnaps a woman from the main story and uses her and other women as sex slaves. The main heroes infiltrate the base to rescue the girl and blow up large underground containers. I cant remember is its manga graphic novel. I remember a guy helps out a girl with her looks make her look beauty.

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At the end she fell in love with him and she gets off the train and he waiting for her. Arghhhhh i cannot for the life of me remember!! I am looking for a book, I only have a few pieces of the book. Its about a boy that is going into high school. When he writes on the paper the pen doesn't work so the name that is written is Ace. He meets a girl in home room named Raven. He has a zit in his eye so he is wearing an eye patch that is from his little sisters detective kit. That's all I remember about the book.