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Extremely rare, it was caused by an overload of magic in the body. Teliot's Crown Prince has the disease and Voldermort wants him becuase of it. Prince Harry! Bandit Draco! Draco's Boy by empathic siren reviews No longer a repost.


Nonmagic AU. A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he's determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he's determined to make Harry more than a friend. When would it have started and where would it end?

Major spoilers for books 3,4,5,6. Alternate Universe. Harry is not the boy who lived, just a regular quiet abused kid with no friends.

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Until people suddenly want to know who he is as well as a certain Slytherin. When the Ministry decides that Veela are an endangered species the couple must join the breeding program and save the Veela race!

The Kindly Ones by Phorcys reviews On his return to school Harry is forced to discover some long hidden secrets about himself and his family. While Voldemort is building a new plan of destruction. I suck at summaries! Harry has a furry problem and is catnapped.

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Oneshot with deleted scenes. This is a spoof of the Princess Bride. HPSS slash.

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Draco is get's involved and things get interesting. Crimson Ways by Mamushi reviews Jack's past comes back to haunt him in more ways than one. Of the JW kind in later chapters. You know the drill: Don't like, don't read. During the summer he finds himself turned into a wolf demon and not just any wolf demon either. Reincarnation fic-everyone's alive and well in the present-ish and all that fun crap. Set in a high school setting. Secondhand Robes by Samayel reviews Draco Malfoy is broke, his parents are in Azkaban, and school is ready to start Draco waits at St.

And whats this? He has three mates? Dark Harry! Rated for safty and possibly later chapters! When Harry escapes, he is violently rejected by his friends finding solace only in the arms of the enemy. Veela, Incubi. Eclipse by Mijan reviews Draco swore revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and for once, he keeps his promise.

The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. Black Truth by InferiorBeing reviews And, with bated breath, Draco traced the silver line down one more step in the family tree. Draco Lucius Malfoy Strange Magic by swampthang reviews After being cursed and abandoned, Prince Draco of the Vampires finds himself lost in an elven forest, where he finds and falls in love with the Elven Prince Harry. Abandon by Batsutousai reviews Abandoned on the streets of London, 16 year old Harry Potter must find a way to survive. What's the Boy Who Lived to do?

Naruto mentally chuckled and said:. Thanks for the ramen! Then Naruto walked away at a slow pace with his mind thinking a mile a minute. He had just felt something strange within his mind and suddenly thought:. Then a voice was heard in his mind that made him stumble and land on the floor:.

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I am pleased to inform your brattish self that I am not a member of what you humans call a man. Instead behold my grace!

kyuubi no kitsune

An image of a scantily clad woman dressed only in garments which could be described as an extremely modified kimono which showed all the curves. Naruto's face paled as he saw the nine tails sticking out of the kimono and the red eyes. The woman was currently standing against a massive cage which held her trapped. Then he got in his home as fast as possible. He closed the door and let himself fall on the bed. When he fell asleep he noticed that he was standing outside of a massive gate which was covered with locks of all kinds. With a small push the door opened and the locks fell to the floor as the push crumbled them.

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Then he saw the cage with the gigantic Kitsune no Kitsune within it. The kitsune hadn't noticed her visitor and was still thrashing in the cage apparently irritated at something. Naruto coughed briefly and the massive demon turned towards him and said:.

Naruto just stared as the Kyuubi once again shifted into young female form and scowled at him and said:. Come to humiliate the great Demon Kyuubi? Suddenly the smile disappeared and she grabbed his orange jumpsuit and let a tail flick through the bars and immediately it latched onto Naruto and dragged him into the cage. There the kitsune turned woman smiled evilly and pressed her lips to the struggling young boy's and she let her chakra seep into him.

Naruto screeched in pain as the malevolent Chakra began eating its way through the Chakra paths making the original Chakra disappear. Blood began to pour out of the belly button and soon a pool of blood was formed and the seal was rapidly disintegrating. Not that anyone noticed because no Chakra was emitted from the body.

Naruto awoke with a startled gasp. Oine moment he had been kissed byb the woman and now he was awake. He looked around and saw that he was bathed in a sticky liquid which was red. What really managed to ,make himn gasp was the tail that was sticking out of his backbone. He gulped and suddenly he felt a tripping sound and saw that nine tails now adorned his body. He groaned and said:. Then he looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time for academy classes. A voice was heard in his mind. A voice that came from his tormentor:.

Want to destroy their houses and kill their bodies? Ravish their women and slaughter the men? Destroy their very souls for the hurt they have caused you?


Skash The Kitsune (The Beginning Book 1) by Chris Hedley

He didn't know what to do and he just stood there and replied back:. What is the use of me gaining tails and claws? He had just seen his claws that now adorned his hands and almost had ripped off a good chunk of meat of his legs when he scratched an itchy spot.

Kyuubi's voice was heard in his mind:. Think about you speaking with me and we can speak. And I merged with you a little. It's just going to heighten your abilities a thousand fold. But you need to get in shape. Naruto thought about the things that had happened to him. The beatings he had to endure from the villagers sometimes when they grew frustrated. The shinobi wouldn't do anything against it. It made him so angry that he wanted to rip them apart into bloody bits and then eat those bits and relish in the sweet taste. Kyuubi was grinning in her cell. Finally she and her container would once again terrorize this world again and cause much needed destruction.

Finally she could show the rest of those pricks that she was the undisputed queen of hell. Naruto didn't know it yet but by giving into his darker emotions he would eventually become the monster he had been destined to be instead of a happy go lucky idiot who could only think of Ramen and powerful Jutsu.